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Tips and Tricks to Staying on Budget When Planning Your Wedding

Weddings come with a price tag. Every couple sets a budget for their big day, whether big or small. But that budget can get away from you very fast. Here are some tips and tricks to sticking to a budget and still ending up with your fairytale wedding!

Set A Budget

The first tip is to: SET A BUDGET! Without knowing how much spending is too much, it will be nearly impossible to throw an affordable wedding. A budget will also allow you to gauge how many guests you can invite and which venues to consider.

Analyze the Guest List

Most couples want to share their special day with every single person they can think of. But more guests=more money. A way to reduce your wedding costs is to look at your guest list. A few questions to ask yourself are: Can I imagine my big day without them? Would I be upset if I was not invited to their wedding? Have I talked to them in the last 5 years? These questions will help you make a decision about guests you might be on the fence about.

Skip the Groomsmen and Bridesmaid Gifts

There are many hidden costs associated with wedding planning including stationary, transportation, and vendor tax and gratuity. Groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts are lovely to give but not essential. These gifts can inflate the cost of your wedding by hundreds. Your bridal party will respect your budget and still enjoy your big day!

Stock the Bar Yourself

Instead of relying on the vendor to decide how much alcohol is needed, stock the bar yourself. Vendors might charge you retail price for bottles of beer, liquor, and wine. Buying in bulk and searching for discounts before your wedding can not only control your budget, but also allow you to control the types and quantities of alcohol served.

Rent Decorations

Having beautiful decor at your wedding is key to a memorable night. However, will the decorations ever be put to use again? If the answer is no, look into renting the decor. Most venues have decor that can be rented for events. If your venue does not offer decor rentals, try secondhand shops.

Contact a Local University

This is a tip I learned from another wedding planner. Universities are FULL of students with skills needing experience. Student DJs, musicians, florists, and photographers can be found. Student talent is normally way less expensive than professionals, but turn out just as fabulous. You save on a huge expense and they gain portfolio-building experience and exposure!

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